Carrand (CRD92004)

Deluxe Detail Brush - 3 pack
Deluxe Detail Brush - 3 pack
Mfg: Carrand
Part No: 92004
Item Number: CRD92004
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $6.17
Price: $5.41
Features and Benefits
  • Soft Nylon Brush for hard to reach areas
  • Tough Brass for cleaning rust, spark plugs and batteries
  • Stainless Steel for body and bumper rust
  • 3 pack (Nylon, Brass and Stainless Steel Brushes)
The Combo Deluxe Detail Brush kit contains 3 brushes which are nylon, brass and steel. The Nylon brush can be used to hard to reach places and on surfaces that might be scarred by brass or steel. The tough brass brush is great for cleaning off debris or removing rust on items like spark plugs, batteries or any similar items, the stainless steel brush is great for removing rust on the body or bumper of a vehicle.