Bruske (BRS49530C4)

Pack of 4, 30" Squeegee with Handle
Mfg: Bruske
Part No: 49530C4
Item Number: BRS49530C4
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $88.99
Price: $79.99
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    The most revolutionay wiping blade on the market. Bruske Squee-Gees, as well as Bruske floor and Window Squeegees are all designed and specifically manufactured to suit a wide variety of uses within all types of businesses. Bruske's Squee-Gees are quality-made, high performance, completely disposable wiping blades that are available at a low price. The revolutionary design of the Bruske Squee-Gee makes conventional, metal-backed blades obsolete because of the innovative plastic extrusion that eliminates the need for a metal channel or support. Together with the special feature of the Bruske "Miracle-Tip" handle, the Bruske Squee-Gee becomes instantly changeable and completely disposable. Bruske provides its customers with a complete and thorough line of quality floor care, window care and specialty cleaning care products that meet any or all of their requirements.