Brush Research (BRMRMFH120Z25)

Brake Rotor Flex Hone
Brake Rotor Flex Hone
Mfg: Brush Research
Part No: RMFH120Z25
Item Number: BRMRMFH120Z25
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $51.07
Price: $33.32

Features and Benefits:

  • Lowers harmonic vibrations. Harmonic vibration at the pad-rotor interface is a prime cause of friction induced braking noise.
  • The Flex-Hone for Rotors reduces high pitched "squeal" and "groan" caused by a peaky, rough turned finish.
  • More rotors per hone lasts much longer than abrasive pads.
  • Non-directional finish spiral grooves on the braking surface are a prime cause of friction induced brake noise. Ideal for new rotors, too!
  • Removes the cut, torn and folded metal fragments from the surface.