Bright Solutions (BSLBA103006)

Battery Failure Warning System (Clip Strip Display)
Battery Failure Warning System (Clip Strip Display)
Mfg: Bright Solutions
Part No: BA103006
Item Number: BSLBA103006
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $179.70
Price: $59.73

Features and Benefits:

  • Quick and easy DIY installation assures anyone can install the alarm in a few seconds with hand tools
  • Advanced patented digital circuitry allows installation in difficult environments
  • Compensates for ambient temperature making the tester more accurate for any environment
  • 6 each on clip strip with header and hook
This is a patented, award-winning new diagnostic product that helps keep people from being stranded with a dead battery.  It checks the “health” of a battery and gives an audible warning if the battery is near failure.  The battery alert system, tests the battery every time the vehicle is started.  Assures the operator will be notified by the alarm prior to any battery failure.  A 10 second warning alarm will give advance notice to replace a weak battery, notifies the operator and avoids the frustration of being stranded.