Branick (BRALREF)

Air-Powered Tire Spreader
Air Powered Tire Spreader
Mfg: Branick
Part No: LR/EF
Item Number: BRALREF
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $2,811.00
Price: $2,371.99
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Features and Benefits:

The BRALREF is typically used for both passenger and truck tires. This spreader is air-powered and has an easy to use tire lift. It's affordable and a simple solution for truck tires. The high-impact industrial light is mounted on a flexible arm making it easier for inspection and repair. It uses a CFL bulb that is RMA compliant, meaning our bulbs emit a minimum of 200 foot candles, which the RMA requires for proper tire repairs. Made in the U.S.A. at Branick's manufacturing facility in Fargo, ND.

  • Tire lift and roll-on spreaders for faster, easier operation
  • Quality all steel construction for strength and long life
  • Specifications:
    • Bead Diameter: up to 22.5"
    • Spread Arm Type: Air Powered
    • Spread Arm Operation: Foot
    • Working Height: 27.75"
    • Tire Lift/Roll On: Lift
    • Light: Included
    • Hook Adjustment: Nylon Tip Set Screw
    • Shipping Weight: 280 lbs.
    • Dimensions: 41"W x 33"D x 45"L