Blaster (BSTATCTS)

Air Tool Conditioner
Mfg: Blaster
Part No: ATC-TS
Item Number: BSTATCTS
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $62.04
Price: $29.47

Features and Benefits:

  • Instantly restores (near factory) RPM and torque capacity
  • Contains fish-eye eliminator
  • Freeze protection down to -25 degrees F.

Blaster's Air Tool Conditioner is designed to restore and prolong air tool life by cleaning, coating and lubricating tools. ATC will break loose deposits that accumulate over time in air tools. This lubricant formulation inhibits rust and RPMs return to peak efficiency. ATC is environmentally safe and contains no fluorocarbon. Cleaner, Conditioner and Lubricant. It allows calcium to vanish and sludge (built up on veins of tool) to be emulsified (liquefied) and exhausted from impact wrenches, drills, grinders, polishers and Sanders.