Blair (BLR13214)

3/8in. Double-End Spotweld and Access Cutter (3 Pack)
3/8in. Double-End Spotweld & Access Cutter (3 Pack)
Mfg: Blair
Part No: 13214
Item Number: BLR13214
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $16.60
Price: $11.38

Features and Benefits:

  • Blair's Double-End Spotweld Cutter with twice the tool life is the unique 3/8" diameter hardened and precision ground cutting tool that makes removing spot welded body panels fast and easy.
  • Hollow design cuts around weld, thus hardness does not affect tool sharpness.
  • An adjustable depth rod sets the tool so only the outer panel is cut through, leaving the underlying panel undamaged.
  • Double-End Cutters are packaged in sets of three.
  • When one end becomes dull, simply unscrew the cutter from the arbor, and reassemble with the new teeth exposed.
  • With arbor, for use in any 1/4", 3/8", or 1/2" chuck hand held drill.