Before You Buy A Lift Checklist

Concrete Thickness

Most of our two post and four post lifts require four inches of concrete with 3,000 lb. PSI strength. Please check our web site for the specifications of your lift.
Ceiling Height
Check the ceiling height of your area to make sure it is adequate for installation of your new lift. If you have exposed ceiling may be able to position an overhead two post crossbeam in between the rafters (if they are "running" that way) OR you may be able to "run" the top crossbeam over the rafters (if they are running the opposite way). If you are buying a four post lift and intend on "stacking cars", then your minimum garage height will be determined by adding the height of both cars and then adding six (6) inches.
Freight Truck Delivery
Your lift will come on a semi-truck (if it is shipped to you and not picked up). Please review our freight information on how the lift will be shipped and some suggestions to off load your lift.
Can a semi-truck get to your unloading area...and do you have the equipment (not manpower) to do the job?
Debit Card/Credit Card
Many DEBIT cards have a daily limit. You may have $10,000 in your account, but your bank will only let you have $1,000 per day. This is called a daily limit. If you intend on placing your order using a debit card, please make sure that your DEBIT card has a high enough daily limit to allow a successful banking transaction. Most banks that issue DEBIT cards will increase your daily limit for a specific transaction.
You Will Need Some Help
Many pieces of our lift are extremely heavy and require two people or the appropriate lifting equipment to properly maneuver them into the correct assembly position. If you are NOT mechanically inclined, then do not attempt to install the lift by yourself. (Even if you have the proper mechanical lifting equipment). You must be able to read (ENGLISH) and understand basic directions to complete the installation of your lift.
Please check our web site to review the voltage requirements of your lift. Many four post lifts require only 110 volt electricity...and most two post lifts require 220 volt single phase power.
Please make sure your building has the correct power source.
Specific Local Conditions
Remember: Your local state, municipality, or building zoning agency may have its own unique set of construction requirements, seismic requirements, and other electrical/installation requirements that relate to automotive service equipment. Issuance of a local building/occupancy permit may require approval from some branch of government jurisdiction. Please contact your local building department for a complete list of applicable fees or requirements related to installing and/or operating any of our products (including lifts, tire changers, wheel balancers, etc.). It is the customer’s responsibility to check with local requirements prior to purchase and/or installation.
 Did You Ask Your Wife?
Remember: It is easier to beg forgiveness than to ask for permission. Happy Lifting!