Badger Air Brush (BAD260-3)

Mini Sandblaster Abrasive Sprayer Set
Mini Sandblaster Abrasive Sprayer Set
Mfg: Badger Air Brush
Part No: 260-3
Item Number: BAD260-3
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $69.00
Price: $40.43
Features and Benefits
  • Sandblaster abrasive sprayer etches metal, wood and glass
  • Cuts monograms in wood or metal
  • Removes old paint, rust and corrosion and also preps wood, plastic and metal surfaces
  • Kit includes gun, hose, propel, regulator, 12 oz. (340g) net weight jar of aluminum oxide abrasive, plus dust mask.
  • Easy to use - provides professional results
Hobby Abrasive Gun creates an endless variety of effects in glass etching, or cuts monograms in wood or metal. Use to remove old paint, rust and corrosion. The BAD260-3 can also prep wood, plastic, and metal surfaces and curved, hard to reach areas for refinishing. Realistic weathering effects are easily achieved using this gun. The BAD260-3 will handle 220 grit, or finer abrasive materials. Use of wrap around safety goggles, a dust mask and gloves is recommended when using the BAD260-3 Hobby Abrasive Gun. The BAD260-3 is not recommended for use by children.