Auto Meter (AUMBVA350)

Handheld Electrical System Analyzer/Tester with 40 Amp Load
Mfg: Auto Meter
Part No: BVA350
Item Number: AUMBVA350
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MSRP: $703.93
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Features and Benefits:

  • Hand Held battery and electrical system tester with 40 amp load
  • Perform complete system test in under 2 minutes
  • Perform voltage drop test
  • State of the art micro-processor
  • Tests Flooded and AGM 6 and 12 volt batteries

This Hand held tester will test Battery, Starter and Alternator system in under 2 Minutes. Used for 6 and 12 volt Flooded and AGM batteries. Tests discharged batteries and has reverse polarity protection. Perform Voltage Drop test with the included external leads. CCA range from 100-1600. Optional PR20 BOLT add on printer available.