Auto Meter (AUMBVA200S)

Rugged Handheld Electrical System Analyzer w/120 Amp Load - AGM SLI and Deep Cycle Optimized
Mfg: Auto Meter
Part No: BVA-200S
Item Number: AUMBVA200S
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  • The BVA-200s is a tester for most battery and electrical systems. This tester utilizes Advanced DPL Technology. The information for each test is stored and the last 200 tests can be retrieved by displaying them on its LCD screen, downloading to the optional AC-15 infrared printer, or by downloading to a personal computer with the AC-12 PC adapter cable. Rugged Anodized aluminum housing makes this a very durable unit.
  • Applications: 6V & 12V Automotive & Commercial Starting Batteries. 12V Starting and Charging Systems.
  • 6 Volt Tests: Battery Check and Load Test
  • 12 Volt Tests: Battery Check, Load Test, Alternator Stator/Diodes & Regulation Test, and Starter Draw Test
  • Battery CCA Range: 200-1600
  • Automated Load: 120 Amp
  • Alternator Test: Yes
  • Stator Diode Test: Yes
  • Starter Draw Test: Yes
  • External Volt Leads: No
  • Memory: Last 200 Tests
  • Voltmeter Range: 0-30 with .01 Resolution
  • Voltage Drop Test: No
  • Cooling: Vented