ATD Tools (ATD5217)

Air Operated High Pressure Grease Pump for 120 lbs. Drum
Air Operated High Pressure Grease Pump for 120 lb Drum
Mfg: ATD Tools
Part No: 5217
Item Number: ATD5217
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MSRP: $1,219.99
Price: $622.99
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120 lb (16 gallon/54.4kg) Drum Grease Pump Assembly Additional Information:
  • Includes 50:1 Double Acting High Pressure Pump(ATD5217-1) provides uniform pressure and delivery on the up and down stroke
  • 6'(1.85mts) High Pressure Grease Delivery Hose(ATD5361)
  • High Pressure Grease Delivery Control Valve(ATD5218)
  • Rapid Disconnect Coupler(815ME) & Air Nipple (11660ME)
  • Pump Specifications:
    • Pump Tube Length 27-3/8" (69.5cm) made for 120 lb Drum & 1.0" (2.54cm) diameter
    • Air Motor Height: 11.0" (27.9cm)
    • Overall Height: 38-3/8"(97.47cm)
  • Follower Plate (with outer rubber wiping ring on the drum and inner rubber wiping ring on the pump tube) DIA 1.0" (ATD5325) assures postitive prime and vacuum at low temps (prevents cavitation)
  • Air Motor Cover in White (91407ME) & Air Motor Muffler(ATD5317)
  • Steel Drum Cover with screw downs for 120 LB Drum (45733ME) Cover Diameter: 15-1/16"(38.42CM) Opening (Downtube Diameter Opening 2-1/4"(5.72cm)) w/ 4 mounting holes to attach base of pump to the cover.
  • Roll-a-Around Base with 4 Heavy Duty Rubber Swivel Casters (2-1/2"(5.72cm) x 3/4"(1.91cm) for easy manuverability(ATD5372)
  • Steel Drum Not Included.
  • These high pressure Grease Pumps incorporate a 20 cu. in. air motor design.
  • Output: 80 cu in/minute (45 oz) of Grease at 100PSI NLGI#2 at 70 Degrees ambient temperature (.35 cu in/cycle)
  • Air Inlet 1/8" NPT (f); Lube Outlet: 1/4" NPT (f)
  • New Downtube Packings made of Viton / Teflon for longer life
  • Maximum Air Pressure: 150PSI; Recomended: 80-100PSI; Maximum Grease Pressure: 7500PSI; Recomended: 5000 PSI; Note: Pump life reduces considerably if operating above the recommended air pressure.
  • Two Year Warranty against Defective Materials, Workmanship and Labor
  • All Pumps are Pressure Tested Statically and Dynamically in NLGI#2 Grease at the Factory for Output, Pressure, Performance and Quality.