ATD Tools (ATD5024)

EZEE Flo Pump
Mfg: ATD Tools
Part No: 5024
Item Number: ATD5024
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $58.22
Price: $31.15
  • For use with most popular 5 gallon containers with plastic pull out (Rieke spout).
  • Optional bung foruse with 5 gallon drums with 2” Male opening.
  • Also includes 3/4” pump length extender.
  • Complete with 4’ vinyl hose with steel discharge spout.
  • Delivers 1 quart per 15 strokes.
  • Works with engine oil, gear oil, kerosene, diesel, light fuel, oil based paint thinners like turpentine and other petroleum based media.
  • Not recommended for use with water based and other non corrossive media.