ATD Tools (ATD3150)

Quick Change Surface Conditioning Disc - 2in Coarse Grit (100 Pack)
Quick Change Surface Conditioning Disc - 2" Coarse Grit (100 Pack)
Mfg: ATD Tools
Part No: 3150
Item Number: ATD3150
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    Quick Change Surface Conditioning Scrim Black (SCSB) discs with R fastening system Recommended for use in applications requiring considerable mechanical strength Extremely quick to change Fast and heavy abrasive action with high unloading properties Compact design fits into hard-to-reach areas Type III fastener features a roll-on/roll-off style (equivalent to the 3M Roloc fastening style) Recommended Applications: plastic products, machinery for the chemical and food industries, stainless steel furniture, automotive, aircraft and aerospace industries and stainless steel metal fabricators Work Surfaces: Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and alloys, fiberglass, plastic and glass Max rpm: 25,000