Astro Pneumatic (AST8750)

Waterborne Drying Fan with Stand
Mfg: Astro Pneumatic
Part No: 8750
Item Number: AST8750
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Features and Benefits:

  • Specially designed to speed-up the drying process for waterborne and other types of paints
  • Mounting design allows for multiple fan positions allowing air flow to be directed to desired area
  • Produces the maximum output with minimal input, fan has a longer life expectancy compared to most other types of fans available in the market
  • Unit is made of Stainless Steel, unit motor does not require oiling thereby eliminating oil leaks therefore eliminating sparks and helps reduce particles in the air
  • Unit regulator preset to 50psi to guarantee proper psi input

Fan speed: 1800 rpm. Fan output: 1200 cfm. Overall height: 69", weight: 10.35 lbs.