Astro Pneumatic (AP 7760)

Cordless Circuit Tester
Cordless Circuit Tester
Mfg: Astro Pneumatic
Part No: 7760
Item Number: AP 7760
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $24.19
Price: $10.24

Features and Benefits:

  • Operated between 3 to 28 volt
  • No wire or clip needed while diagnosing polarity
  • Made of rugged chrome metal
  • Contains LED and buzzer indicator
  • Includes long-life alkaline 23A batteries
  • Safe for 6 and 12 volt systems
This unit does not require ground wire or clip and is safe with ECM’s sensors, transducers, airbags, computers, etc.. Its special designed V-tip needle allows safe piercing and prevents side-slipping when piercing wire's insulation. V-tip can be removed to test hard to reach places.