Astro Pneumatic (AST1115)

3/8in Extra Heavy Duty Ratchet
3/8" Extra Heavy Duty Ratchet
Mfg: Astro Pneumatic
Part No: 1115
Item Number: AST1115
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MSRP: $90.20
Price: $55.78

Features and Benefits:

  • Self-lubricated rotor blades
  • 360 degree adjustable exhaust directs air away from work surface
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Short, robust crankshaft transfers power with low vibration
  • Reinforced throttle lever
  • Internal ring gear with three planetary gears provides maximum service life
  • Square drive: 3/8"
  • Free speed: 200 RPM
  • Max. torque: 60 ft/lbs.
  • Average air consumption: 4cfm
This extra heavy duty ratchet is designed with a high performance motor that delivers higher torque than a standard ratchet.