Associated Equipment (ASO8540)

inTech-Chekin Starter Circuit Tester
"Tech-Chek" Starter Circuit Tester
Mfg: Associated Equipment
Part No: 8540
Item Number: ASO8540
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Price: $92.99
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Features and Benefits:

  • Allows hands free operation while the technician starts the vehicle
  • Indicates you have a good connection to the points being monitored.
  • You no longer need to guess if you have a good connection
  • Tests battery voltage to verify there is sufficient voltage before testing begins
  • Monitors four connection points at one time which expedites testing process
  • Allows the technician to test hard to reach areas while not putting himself in a precarious position during the starting operation
  • Holds the status of all poor connections until Tech-Chek is reset, allowing the technician analyze the results
  • Will automatically switch to the 24-volt test setting battery voltage is detected above 16 volts