Assenmacher (ASM6800TDI)

TDI Timing Belt Tool Set
Mfg: Assenmacher
Part No: 6800TDI
Item Number: ASM6800TDI
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $285.23
Price: $270.97
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  • Used for Locking the Camshaft, Crankshaft and Diesel Pump while setting the Timing Belt. Applicable to: 1999-2008 VW TDI and Pumpe Duse Engines
  • Includes Cam Lock Bar
  • Both 2 Pin Spanner Wrenches Included
  • Also Includes Both Styles of Crankshaft Stops
  • Kit for setting and adjusting the cam/crank/pump timing on 1999-2008 VW TDI engines. This kit contains the 3359 TDI Lock Pin, 3428 TDI Cam Lock Bar, H 2587-1 and H 2587-2 Timing Belt Tensioner Spanner Wrenches, T 10115 Tensioner Lock Pins, T 10050 Crankshaft Stop and the T 10100 Oval Pulley Crankshaft Stop.