Arrow Pneumatic (ARRPMA10)

PneuMasterAir Mini Disposable Desiccant Dryer
Mfg: Arrow Pneumatic
Part No: PMA-10
Item Number: ARRPMA10
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $20.28
Price: $10.69

Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for paint spray guns
  • Lightweight unit, 1/4" NPT's can be used in either direction
  • Removes dirt, oil, water vapor, and desiccant dust
  • Desiccant beads lower the dew point to -30 degree Fahrenheit
  • Replace when desiccant beads turn from blue to pink

Attach this unit directly to a spray gun or mini regulator located at the gun. Sintered bronze elements remove particulate down to 40 micron as oil removing media removes oil vapors.  Rated at 15 SCFM and 125 PSI.