Ammco / Coats (AMM85001175)

Model 1175 Coats Medium Duty Wheel Balancer
Model 1175 Coats Medium Duty Wheel Balancer
Mfg: Ammco / Coats
Part No: 85001175
Item Number: AMM85001175
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $8,468.29
Price: $5,686.67
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The COATS® Model 1175 Wheel Balancer is a highly capable, cost-effective balancer, providing new profit possibilities at an extremely practical price.

You can't go wrong with the COATS® Model 1175 wheel balancer. This model is full of features like the bigger shop machines, yet economy priced. If you want to handle more balancing business without a major investment, give the COATS® Model 1175 a spin.

Built for speed, accuracy, and durability, the Model 1175 is the ideal choice if you’re going to have only one balancer or if you need a good, solid back-up. With super-fast cycle times and features like our automatic data entry, this machine will help make your operators’ job easier and faster, and boost your bottom line all at once.

The Perfect Medium-duty Back-up Machine. Or Your One and Only.

Whether you want to begin offering wheel balancing to stay more competitive or just need a back-up machine for the full-featured balancer you already have, our COATS® 1175 is a great choice. Designed for operator ease and speed, it offers years of rugged durability and dependability, and performs like a high-end balancer all for a value price.

Color LED Matrix Information Box

Get balancing information at a glance from the information box. Using our convenient, easy-to-read keypad entry system, the 1175 has self-calibration accuracy within 1/100 of an ounce, so balancing is fast and efficient even for a rookie. Can handle standard OEM tires up to 34” diameter and 150 lbs.

Automatic Distance and Diameter Data Entry

Automatic offset and diameter measurements make each balance quick and precise.

Direct Tape-A-Weight™ Placement

Audible beeps indicate exact placement of Tape-A-Weights and take the guesswork out of those tricky behind-the-spoke balances.

Key Features

  • Ideal for medium-volume shops looking for a highly featured balancer.
  • Color LED matrix information box provides easy-to-read visual cues and critical information at a glance, promoting proper balancing techniques and faster bay turnaround times.
  • Ten balancing modes, including multiple static, dynamic and alloy modes.
  • Automatic distance and diameter entry for both clip and Tape-A-Weight provides automatic measurement of two parameters with manual control backups.
  • Direct Tape-A-Weight placement provides an audible beep to guide you to perfect placement, every time.
  • Easy behind-the-spoke weight placement helps maintain a “clean” look on custom wheels.
  • Space-saving design allows you to put your balancing station virtually anywhere.