Ammco / Coats (AMM4000BSP)

Single Pass Combination Lathe for Brake Drums & Rotors
Mfg: Ammco / Coats
Part No: 4000BSP
Item Number: AMM4000BSP
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $11,106.34
Price: $6,348.99
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Features and Benefits:

Single Pass Combination Lathe for Brake Drums and Rotors, Less Adapters 110V 60 Hz
Note: Must be Purchased with a Bench Lathe Adapter Kit: AMM900001, AMM900002, AMM900003 or AMM900007)

The AMMCO® 4000SP Combination Disc and Drum Brake Lathe offers such legendary reliability and proven performance with one-pass finishing that we're surprised it even requires an operator.

It's more efficient than ever because it integrates single-speed spindle and feed rates for one pass precision finishes. Technicians can turn standard work quicker and easier. The 4000-SP uses positive rake toolbits for quality cuts you can see, time after time. The result of this simplification is one of the most accurate, durable, and easy-to-use machines you could ever put into your shop.

  • One-Pass Finishing - The AMMCO® 4000-SP is designed for speed. It cuts rotors in one pass, with a high-quality finish. Positive rake tool bits allow for precision turning that produces superior machined surfaces every time. Set it and forget it.
  • Easy, Efficient Operation - Work quickly and efficiently. Ergonomics are designed for minimal operator movement. Twin cutter dials and depth of cut are clearly marked, and even new operators can quickly turn rotors like seasoned professionals.
  • Superb Accuracy For Customer Satisfaction - Like every AMMCO® brake lathe, the 4000-SP is a precision tool that cuts to one-thousandths of an inch tolerances. With today’s more sensitive vehicles, this helps ensure customers get smooth braking and complete satisfaction.
  • Industry Leader in Durability - Many of AMMCO® 4000's are still in service after 40 years of continuous use. Massive “floating spindles” offer superior weight support, and a unique patented system provides a constant oil feed to bearings. It’s designed to work like brand new—for a long, long time.
  • Key Features
    • One-pass finishes – One-pass design provides exceptional rotor finish.
    • Single-speed rotation and feeds – Simple operator use, with no adjustments necessary.
    • Positive rake tool bits create precisely machined surfaces that meet or exceed OE specifications.
    • Quick drum to rotor changeover – Converts from drums to rotors in less than 30 seconds; with optional arbor, can machine drums to 200 pounds.
    • Solid twin cutter tool simultaneously resurfaces both sides of rotor.
    • Feed slide protection keeps travel surfaces free of dirt and chips.
    • Full-drum support hex boring bar guarantees correct tool angle for drums
  • Specifications:
    • Weight: 405 lbs.
    • Volume: Medium
    • Applications: Car & Light Truck
    • Rotors: Yes
    • Drums: Yes
    • Max Rotor Diameter: 14.5"
    • Max Rotor Face Width: 3 3/4"
    • Standard Max Arbor Capacity: 100 lbs.
    • Heavy Duty Max Arbor Capacity: 200 lbs.
    • Max Rotor Thickness: 1.875"
    • Flywheel Service Capable: Yes
    • Spindle Bearings: Bronze Sleeve
    • Motor: 1 HP
    • Tool Bits: shipped with Positive Rake
    • Double Taper Arbor: Yes
    • Spindle Speed: 100 RPM
    • Drum Feed Rate: .005"/REV
    • Max Drum Depth: 6.875"
    • Rotor Feed Rate: .002"/REV

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