Ammco / Coats (AMM80070XEH3)

70X Handle Actuated Tire Changer
Mfg: Ammco / Coats
Part No: 80070XEH3
Item Number: AMM80070XEH3
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $15,899.99
Price: $8,776.99
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  • Advanced clamp positioning allows for greater control when clamping wheels. Position clamps exactly where needed at any point between fully in and fully out. No need to wait for the clamps to have to cycle the full range.
  • Direct oil-injection system more effectively distributes oil to the moving components, ensuring better lubrication to reduce wear and lengthen life expectancy. Designed to prevent oil from being wasted during tire inflation. Container holds 180 fluid ounces, more than a year’s worth of oil for most shops, significantly reducing the need for regular replenishment.
  • Robo-Arm®-ready tower comes standard on all models for easier future Robo-Arm® upgrade on 50X models.
  • Durable plastic chassis storage tray keeps your tools right where you need them. Helps keep your work area neat and organized.