Ammco / Coats (AMM80070XEF1)

70X Tire Changer- Electric Driven, Foot Operated, Basic Accessory Kit
Mfg: Ammco / Coats
Part No: 80070XEF1
Item Number: AMM80070XEF1
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $15,078.41
Price: $9,072.99
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  • Robo-Arm™ assists in top bead mounting for stiff sidewalls, low profiles, and runflats.
  • Pushes wheel down on stiff sidewall to assist in wheel clamping.
  • Presses tire sidewall down to help insert lift tool.
  • Holds bead in drop center position to help lift bead onto duckhead.
  • Holds tires in UP position to assist in second bead removal.
  • Manual bead roller holds tire bead down to lube both tire and wheel.
  • The basic accessory set gives you all the accessoris you need to start changing tires. Included in the basic set: lift tool, lube bottle & swab, and stell 3-position clamps.