Amflo (AMF15-189)

Tire Repair Dealer Kit
Tire Repair Dealer Kit
Mfg: Amflo
Part No: 15-189
Item Number: AMF15-189
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MSRP: $69.57
Price: $31.24
Features and Benefits:
  • Contains our most popular T-Handle tools
  • Includes 1/4 pint of universal cement and two boxes of 15-184 radial repairs
  • Box keeps tools organized, with re-closeable lid
CAUTION: Puncture repairs made “on-the-wheel” are classified as an emergency repair. If an emergency repair is made, the tire must not be run more than 100 miles at speeds no greater than 50 MPH until tire is removed from the rim, inspected carefully, and a permanent repair is made.