American Tape (AMTTM27)

TrimFast Trim Masking Tape
Mfg: American Tape
Part No: TM27
Item Number: AMTTM27
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $44.52
Price: $35.78

Features and Benefits:

  • Saves time, labor and the cost of removing and installing new molding
  • Works extremely well on flush mount windshield, side light and back glass moldings
  • Uses proven PG technology
  • Easy to apply and removes cleanly
  • Pre-folded edge allows ease of removal

TrimFast™ is specifically designed for flush mount and inset molding around windshield, side light and back glass moldings. Perforated for easy cornering. Our PG Masking tape adhesive assures clean removal from finished paint work without slivering, saving time and labor. Two plastic strips allow for easy handing and application. Two sizes in one: 9mm and 11mm.