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Alignment Software Updates VS Vehicle Spec Updates

Software Updates: Software updates are classified as any update that improves the alignment system as a whole. Software updates are released periodically throughout the year and are always free to the customer. These updates can be done quickly to an alignment system and only require the customer to have an internet connection to complete. Software is identified by the VER. number in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

Vehicle Specs (also known as “Target Specs”): These specs are your actual vehicle specifications for your alignments. The Atlas® machine you purchase will come with the most current specs available. These specs are released world wide usually monthly, as we receive the specs from individual vehicle manufacturers. The cost for the spec update varies yearly and can be done remotely (Please contact for pricing). In some cases customers prefer to “skip” a year, as most customers are not doing brand new vehicle alignments unless they deal directly with dealership applications. In the event a year is skipped the customer will get all previous specs for any years missed.