Airsept (AIR67650)

Air Conditioner Compressor Suction Screen Kit
Mfg: Airsept
Part No: 67650
Item Number: AIR67650
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MSRP: $99.99
Price: $90.99
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Features & Benifits:

  • The new Service Compressor Suction Screen from Airsept traps the debris that would otherwise destroy a replacement compressor assembly
  • Installs without cutting hose.

One of every four re-manufactured A/C Compressors typically comes defective according to a major warehouse distributor. Even if the compressor is warranted, the cost of labor is not. You can reduce these costly comebacks by using the new Service Compressor Screen Kit from Airsept, Inc.

When a compressor fails, high pressure blows debris from the deteriorating compressor into the suction line. A system flush cannot remove all of this old debris.

 Technicians simply press Airsept's new screen into the suction line without cutting hose or removing the muffler assembly from a vehicle, so installation is a snap. The Service Compressor Suction Screen Kit includes a mini insertion press and tool for quickly removing if it gets clogged. Tests show the screen restricts refrigerant flow by less than 1% at idle.

Kit Includes:

  • Intallation Tool
  • 3 Mandrels for Installation
  • 3 Removal Tools
  • 4 each of 3 different filters
  • 12 Notification Labels