SWEDGE-LOK Professional A/C Tubing Repair System - DEMO Kit and 3 Starter Kits
Mfg: AGS
Part No: ACRK-1000
Item Number: AGSACRK1000
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $2,307.79
Price: $926.99
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Features and Benefits:

  • Repair A/C lines right on the vehicle
  • Spend minutes repairing lines instead of hours
  • Tool reaches into tight spots where A/C lines are found
  • Permanent and professional OE-style repair
  • Contains one free demo kit and three starter kits

The ACRK-1000 comes with a free demo kit that has enough materials to perform 9 demos, as well as 3 starter kits. Starter kits include a complete SLK-2 tool and a repair fitting kit with 7 tube-to-tube fittings. The starter kit allows the professional mechanic to realize the value of the SWEDGE-LOK system without the large investement of the master kit.