Access Tools (AETASL)

Access Smart Light LED Windshield Light
Mfg: Access Tools
Part No: ASL
Item Number: AETASL
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $40.89
Price: $19.99

Features and Benefits:

  • Powerful 24 LEDs illuminates entire inside of vehicle
  • Impact resistant plastic compound - lightweight and yet hard to brake material
  • Four replaceable suction cups - replaceable cups mean longer life - as cups wear, just replace them
  • Mirrored surface - reflective surface magnifies light by bouncing it against the mirror
  • Uses regular batteries - common everyday AA batteries

The Access Smart Light is like no other lock-out light on the market. It was built from scratch to have all the features necessary to provide for a fast and easy lockout job when natural light is not available. The Smart Light boasts 24 LED’s bulbs, which, combined with a polished metal mirrored surface, creates an extremely bright windshield light. The casing is made of impact resistant plastic compound, lightweight and yet hard to brake. Unlike any other light, the Access Smart Light attaches itself to the windshield by four all-climate replaceable suction cups (extra cups available for purchase.) This amazing light uses regular
AA batteries, standard or rechargeable. Made by Access Tools with 1-year limited warranty.