Clore Automotive (SOLPL3760) 12/24V 60A PRO-LOGIX Wheeled Battery Charger

MPN: PL3760
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Features and Benefits:

  • 12 and 24 Volt operation
  • Multiple charge rates to choose from
  • 250A engine starting assistance
  • Stable power mode
  • Battery repair capability

Clore Automotive introduces Model No. PL3760, a 12/24 Volt intelligent wheel charger, from SOLAR. The PL3760 provides three operational modes for comprehensive service: auto charging mode, stable power mode and engine start assistance mode.

Auto charging mode utilizes an advanced, microprocessor-controlled process to deliver an optimal charge to each battery serviced. The PRO-LOGIX charging process results in improved battery condition and restored reserve capacity. The PL3760 features multiple charge rates for versatile fleet service: 60/40/10A 12V rates and 20/10A 24V rates. Special Soft Start and Recondition routines automatically engage as needed. Plus, with Smart Clamp Technology and numerous safety features, PRO-LOGIX brings unsurpassed safety to your everyday battery charging needs.

Stable power mode maintains vehicle system voltage at the desired level to support a variety of diagnostic, repair and reprogramming applications. The PL3760 supports system voltage maintenance from 13.1-14.9V, selectable in 0.1V increments, allowing the operator to dial system voltage in exactly as needed. Engine start assistance mode provides extra amperage to start vehicles with dead batteries or other starting problems caused by a lack of power. The PL3760 delivers 250A 12V Engine Starting Assistance.


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