Mayhew„¢ 8-Piece Punch & Chisel Set

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Features and Benefits:

  • Chisel is used to cut and shape metals softer than the cutting edge of the chisel and are not intended to be used on masonry materials
  • Prink Punch is for scribing lines into metal before cutting or riveting
  • Line Punch is ideal for aligning holes in metal pieces through which rivets, pins or bolts are inserted
  • Center Punch is ideal for piercing or marking for starting drills in metal and other materials
  • Black Oxide finish for additional rust protection

This set includes:

  • 10202MAY-CHISEL COLD 3/8-10mm X 5-1/2 ON .312HX
  • 10209- CHISEL COLD 5/8-16mm X 6-1/2 ON .500HX
  • 23001- PUNCH PRICK 3/16-5mm x 4-1/2 ON .312HX
  • 24003- PUNCH CENTER 5/16-8mm x 6 ON .500HX
  • 22010- PUNCH ALIGNING 1/8-3mm X 8 ON .312HX
  • 21003- PUNCH PIN 5/32 X 1 X 5 ON .312HX
  • 21011- PUNCH PIN 7/32 X 1-1/4 X 5-1/2 ON .375HX
  • 21014- PUNCH PIN 3/8 X 2 X 7-1/8 ON .500HX
  • Packaged in a sleek snap pouch.

This set is designed to drop nicely into the 60241 master pouch.


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