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This is CINCO de MAYO - The Whole Enchilada
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Q. What single event is Cinco de Mayo known for?
Independence Day
Greg Lopez's
Burrito was
First mission
was tiled
Napoleon lost a battle
in Mexico
Five blue agave
were discovered
(hint: it has nothing to do with Helman's)

How did you do? Do you know the answer?

a) Answer: No. That's September 16.

b) Answer: No. Missions began popping up sometime in the mid 1500's. However, we don't know when they started using tile. We can say with certainty that Bob Villa was not around back then to help.

c) Answer: No. Well, if Greg Lopez was born on May 5th we're sure he likes to celebrate it. But, that's not the reason for Cinco de Mayo for most people.

d) Answer: Yes! Political maneuvering and an underdog skirmish lie at the core of these festivities. But, more on that in a moment.

e) Answer: No. Nobody knows for sure where these delicacies originated. But, we are fairly confident that it had nothing to do with the deep fryer at the convenience store.
And, reportedly the name has something to do with burros or "little donkeys". Tasty!

f) Answer: No. Blue agave has been in use at least since the ancient Mayans. And as we all know from this past New Year, thier calendar left a few things off.


(Short, we promise.)

The best way to explain this is to start by looking at a map. (See visual aid below.)

The green circle is our starting point.
It's the southern most tip of Texas at Brownsville.

Next, direct your attention to the red circle. That's the whole state of Puebla, Mexico. The driving distance according to our favorite search is 1,067 miles. That's kind of a long way down there, especially before cars.

Now, back in 1862 Napoleon III (not the guy with his hand in his jacket, his nephew that reigned over France later) had his military forces dominating and occupying Mexico. A battle broke out in Puebla (the red circle). About 2,000 poorly armed Mexicans defeated the French army of over 6,000. It was pretty impressive and very exciting.

But, here's the really interesting part.
Basically, only the locals in Puebla (just that little red circle) celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
The vast majority of Mexico's citizens don't.
It's not even a federal holiday in Mexico.

But, does that stop American's from finding a reason to have fun! Heck, no!

So what does Cinco de Mayo have to do
with a Tool Sale?

It was a single battle that happened over 150 years ago
between two other countries a long way from the States,
but today it's observed predominately in the U.S.A.
by people that mostly don't know why it exists.

Maybe, it's the essence of being American.
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

So why not tools?
When you want to have fun it makes perfect sense!

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See for yourself.
History of Cinco de Mayo: Battle of Puebla
Get the academic version at www.history.com