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4 Post Lift Videos

These no-mark wheels allow the operator to roll the lift over an expensive epoxy floor with little risk of damage. Even if you have and old concrete floor, the polyurethane wheels on this lift make it easier to roll than the caster kit with the steel wheels.
Greg Smith Equipment is proud to announce the arrival of the new Atlas® Garage Pro 8,000 EXT-L (extra long and slightly wider) Service/Storage Lift. This lift is 20 inches longer (wheelbase) and 3 inches wider than the Atlas® Garage Pro 8000 EXT. Or to compare to the original, this lift is 20 inches longer (wheelbase), 3 inches wider, and 14 inches taller than the Atlas® Garage Pro 8000!
The Atlas® 409-HP is a light commercial grade portable four post lift built for Mr. Homeowner. The 409-HP incorporates tall columns and a long hydraulic cylinder that allow the runways to be raised 76 inches (under runway) in the highest lock position.. This extra lifting height allows most SUVs and pickup trucks to be parked underneath the vehicle stored on top and the extra runway width between the columns easily accommodates one ton dual wheel trucks.
The Atlas® 408-SL super deluxe portable vehicle storage lift is designed for those car enthusiasts who demand the absolute best look and superior quality. The Atlas® 408-SL has all the great features of our Atlas® Garage Pro Series 4 post hobbyist lifts, but incorporates many features found only on our Atlas® commercial grade 4-post lifts. If you are looking for a lift that stands out from all the other storage lifts sold in the USA, then take a good look at the Atlas® 408-SL.
The Atlas® RJ-5000 sliding jack is the perfect addition to the Atlas® 408-SL hobbyist lift for those enthusiasts that need to perform wheel service on their vehicles. The Atlas® RJ-5000 is equipped with a manual hydraulic hand pump. This sliding jack incorporates telescoping arms and height adapters that can access any vehicle lifting point. An optional air/hydraulic pump is also available.
The Atlas® Portable Caster Kit was designed for those customers who want the ability to relocate or reposition the Atlas® 408-SL 4-Post lift after it has been assembled. The Atlas® caster kit can be installed or removed in just a matter of minutes and requires no tools. The polyurethane wheels prevent floor damage.The lift should be moved ONLY when there is NO vehicle positioned on the runways. The lift should only be moved on a concrete (or similar) surface.
Greg Smith Equipment is proud to introduce the Atlas® 412A 12,000 pound capacity Atlas® alignment lift package. Atlas® alignment lifts are designed and built to commercial grade standards and will provide many years of service. Our Atlas® alignment packages offer many exclusive features not found on many other competitor's lifts.
The Atlas® RJ-7000 is a heavy duty rolling jack designed to lift and support 7,000 LB. The commercial grade RJ-7000 rolling jack can be used to raise the front or rear section of a vehicle; allowing the operator of a four post above ground lift to perform wheel and brake service.