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4 Post Lift Questions Answered:

If your four-post lift is left in the down position for an extending period of time, there is a
chance that rust may form in the Hydraulic Cylinder. How does this rust form and how can
it be prevented? Let’s take a look.
There are several factors to be considered when selecting your Atlas® four post storage lift.
A checklist of things that you should know and do before you purchase a lift.
View the comparison between 2-post car lifts and 4-post car lifts.
Learn how the "Drive Thru" measurement of your lift
is determined.
Click to see what makes Greg Smith Equipment the BEST DEAL.
Click to see if our 4-post jacks will fit on your lift.
Learn the difference between AW32 and AW46 Hydraulic Oil
and which is better for your lift.