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Includes Caster Kit With Polyurethane Caster Wheels

This Storage Lift comes standard with polyurethane wheels on the caster kit. These no-mark wheels allow the operator to roll the lift over an expensive epoxy floor with little risk of damage. Even if you have and old concrete floor, the polyurethane wheels on this lift make it easier to roll than the caster kit with the steel wheels.

This Storage Lift DOES NOT need to be anchored to the floor. However, if you are using a four post above ground lift many times each day, the lift may "scoot" a little on a smooth concrete floor. All four post lifts will move slightly on a smooth concrete floor if there is a constant flow of vehicles on and off the lift. The stability and integrity of the lift will not be compromised by the slight "scooting" of the four post lift. To eliminate the possibility of any "scooting", we recommend you anchor (with just one anchor) two of the column bases to your concrete floor. This anchoring will prevent the lift from "scooting".