3M Automotive (3M 7450)

Scotch-Brite Surface Conditioning Discs - 4in Coarse/Brown 10-Pack
4" Scotch Brite Surface Conditioning Discs Coarse Brown
Mfg: 3M Automotive
Part No: 7450
Item Number: 3M 7450
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $49.49
Price: $29.14
Features and Benefits:
  • Used to quickly remove cut cork or paper gaskets and form-in-place gasket materials prior to the assembling of power train components
  • Ideal for cleaning light oxidation and removing gasket residue.
  • Use on wide variety of surfaces, including engine blocks, heads, valve covers and transmission housing
  • Attaches to 3M™ Disc pad 07492
  • 4" in size; 10 discs per box
Best used on steel parts.  Maximum operating speed: 13,000.  Color: Brown.