3M Automotive (MMM38315)

3M Panel Bonding Adhesive, 37.5 mL
Mfg: 3M Automotive
Part No: 38315
Item Number: MMM38315
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Features and Benefits:

  • Two-part epoxy used to bond steel, aluminum, SMC, and FRP
  • The primary use is to replace quarter panels, roofs, box sides, van sides, utility vehicle sides and door skins
  • For use on outer body panels only. Not for use on structural components such as pillars, frame rails, core supports, or rocker panels (on unibody vehicles)
  • Cures on demand with addition of heat; glass beads work as built-in spacers for optimum bond line
  • For use with 08190 Applicator Gun

A high performance two component epoxy adhesive. Bonds a variety of steel, aluminum, SMC, and FRP (traditional fiberglass) non-structural components. Also use to reinforce welded or riveted structural components. Work Time 4 Hours. Paint Time 24 Hours.