3M Automotive (MMM16328)

PPS Kit, 3 oz. Lids and Liners, 125u filters
Mfg: 3M Automotive
Part No: 16328
Item Number: MMM16328
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $105.01
Price: $92.99
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    Mix ratios printed on film insert for generic solventborne paint mixes. For use with the 6 fl oz cup PN16115 or PN16121 and 3 fl. oz. lids and liners PN16028 or PN16328. Mix ratios of 1:1, 2:1:1, 3:1:1, 4:1:1, 5:1:1 and 6:1:1 including 3M Tri-Scale scalers 1-6 with graduated increments of 15 ml and .5 oz to a total of 90 ml and 3 oz.