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2 Post Lift Questions Answered:

NO…but YES. Most lifts have only one column that can be used to mount the power unit.
This column has the mounting bracket. Make sure that you install that specific column on
the side where you want to locate the power unit.
Ceiling height an issue? Learn how to make an Atlas® 2-post overhead
lift “shorter” than the factory’s recommended height.
A checklist of things that you should know and do before you purchase a lift.
Step-By-Step How-To for Bleeding the Drive Cylinder on a Direct Drive Cylinder Lift.
Learn how a 2-post above ground lift works.
View the comparison between 2-post car lifts and 4-post car lifts.
View the comparison between Asymmetric vs. Symmetric 2-post lifts.
Learn how the "Drive Thru" measurement of your lift
is determined.
See why a baseplate car lift can not be asymmetric.
View the difference between chain-over-roller cylinder configurations
and direct drive cylinder configurations in two post lifts.
View the comparison between Overhead vs. Baseplate 2-post car lifts.
View the comparison between Single Point Lock Release vs. Dual Point Release.
View the comparison between
Carriage Rollers vs. Carriage Slide Blocks.
Click to see if an 9,000 LB. car lift can safely lift 9,000 LBS.
Click to see when a 10,000 lb lift is not a
10,000 lb. lift.
The OH beam may be able to be positioned between the rafters (if the rafters are "running
parallel" to the OH beam) or the OH beam may be positioned OVER the rafters (if the
rafters are "running perpendicular" to the OH beam).
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Click to see how to best position your two post lift in your garage.
Greg Smith Equipment offers a few different models of 9,000 LB. lifts. Find out which
is best for you.
Learn the difference between AW32 and AW46 Hydraulic Oil
and which is better for your lift.