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Vacula (VAC120161000)

Vacula DX 2.5 Brake Bleeder/Flusher and Mini Fluid Evacuator
Vacula DX 2.5 Brake Bleeder/Flusher and Mini Fluid Evacuator
List Price $338.96
Your Price $275.99
Item Number VAC120161000
Mfg Vacula
Part No 12-016-1000
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Features and Benefits
  • Unique Throttle control - 2 way control, turn one way for vacuum - turn opposite for pressure
  • Dual use - can be used as a vacuum brake bleeder/flusher or as a mini fluid evacuator
  • Pressure mode can be used to empty the old fluid, or reinstall the fluid if using in a warranty application
  • Clean and safe compact storage - hose wraps around the unit, emptying straw clamps into holder for safe storage in tool box
  • Safe fluid handling - after disconnected from shop air, canister holds vacuum and continues to draw until all excess fluid from hose is removed
The powerful DX 2.5 brake bleeder/flusher extracts brake fluid quickly and safely via vacuum, plus generates slight overpressure to empty the unit’s canister. It can also be used as a mini fluid evacuator. Using the pressure mode, you can reinstall the fluid when using it for warranty repair applications. This unit has a state of the art venturi design which is controlled by a revolutionary two way function throttle control handle. It is very quiet and is loaded with many other features. The o ring seal is compatible with all types of non-flammable liquids.

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