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BelAire Buyer's Guide

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Urethane Supply (URE6056)

Nitrogen Welding System
List Price $2,950.00
Your Price $2,335.08
Item Number URE6056
Mfg Urethane Supply
Part No 6056
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In stock: Yes

Features and Benefits:

Urethane Supply Companys 6056 Nitrogen Welding System is the most complete and technologically advanced plastic welding repair system available in one package. The Nitrogen Welding System includes virtually everything a shop needs to make the highest quality welds to plastic parts.

Right out of the box, the system is ready to use with minimal set-up. Just connect a nitrogen tank and compressed air supply, then plug it in and begin making top quality nitrogen welds. Nitrogen acts like a shielding gas, preventing oxidation and creating a much stronger weld. Because everything is contained on one cart, searching for the right tools and supplies is simple; it saves time and money!

  • Strength: Make repairs that are stronger than any two-part epoxy or hot air weld. Plastics are melted together with no oxidation to form the strongest possible plastic weld.
  • Speed: Complete repairs in a fraction of the time of two-part epoxies. Typical welding speeds are 4" to 6" per minute. No waiting for cure time. Cool with water, then sand, prime and paint.
  • Versatility: Do repairs that are not possible with two-part epoxies: Mounting tabs (thick or thin), grille bars, high stress areas, flexible tabs and fender liners. Plus, it's not just for automobile plastics. It can be used on ATV's, boats, motorcycles, appliances, toys, etc.
  • Ease: Repairs are simple to do.
  • Estimating Options: Gives you more flexibility in the estimating process. Save totals, get an edge on the competition, and a bargaining tool with insurance adjusters.
  • Keep Profits in Your Shop: No need to replace bumpers, headlights and other plastic parts.
  • Insurance Relations: By making a quality repair, you become an ally of insurance adjusters, decrease cycle times and help steer additional work to your shop.
  • Create Loyal Customers: Save customers money and they will return to your shop.
  • Blend in the Panel: Repair the damage to the bumper and blend the color in the panel. Avoid the risks and costs involved in blending into the undamaged fenders.
  • Avoid Fit Issues: Repair the OEM part instead of using aftermarket cover.
  • Plastic Use to Grow: The amount of plastic parts on cars will continue to grow. This means ever increasing repair opportunities in the future.
  • Factory Support: Plastics is what Urethane Supply Company does. For over 30 years, they have been the leader in product development and problem solving in the plastic repair industry.
  • Complete nitrogen and airless plastic welding systems in one package.
  • Generous quantities of various welding rod.
  • Fully assembled, American-made welding cart; featuring powder coated heavy gauge steel, industrial wheels, and a tall back support for securing large nitrogen bottles.
  • Storage compartments for tools and welding rod.
  • Built-in holders for heating elements, welder controls and tools.
  • Integral power strip for easy operation.
  • Air manifold with auxiliary outlet for attachment of air tools.
  • Nitrogen welding and airless welding DVDs
  • Hot Air Welder
  • Nitrogen Controller
  • Airless Plastic Welder
  • Nitrogen Regulator
  • Hand Seamer
  • Stainless Reinforcing Mesh
  • Polypropylene Ribbon 3/8 x 1/16"
  • Polypropylene Ribbon 3/4" x 1/16"
  • Polypropylene Rod 1/8" dia.
  • Welding Rod Assortment

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