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Terralux (TLXTLE6EXB)

MiniStar5 LED Upgrade for 2 and 3 cell C and D Maglites
List Price $32.49
Your Price $22.49
Item Number TLXTLE6EXB
Mfg Terralux
Part No TLE-6EXB
In stock: Yes

Features and Benefits:

  • 140 Lumen LED upgrade kit
  • Amazingly brilliant light, even when batteries are low
  • Batteries last 6 times longer than with incadescent
  • Rugged - virtually unbreakable
  • Won't burn out, virtually unbreakable

The MiniStar5 preserves one of the most outstanding features of the Mag Instruments® line of flashlights,the ability to focus. The MiniStar5 produces a focused beam that throws a bright beam a very long distance. This product contains the TerraLUX LED Light Engine®, so it maintains a constant light output over the life of the batteries.Electronic regulation means the light does not fade as the batteries drain, so its light output holds up even after a long run time. The light intensity will only fall near the end of the batteries lifetime. The light will not suddenly go out like some competing products. Unlike incandescent bulbs, LEDs do not just “burn out”.

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