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Steelman (STE97220)

Mini EngineEAR Electronic Stethoscope and Vibration Detector Combo
List Price $66.51
Your Price $44.74
Item Number STE97220
Mfg Steelman
Part No 97220
In stock: Yes

Features and Benefits:

  • The Steelman Mini EngineEAR® Combo combines features and benefits of the Steelman ChassisEAR® and EngineEAR® into one small, affordable unit
  • Quickly pinpoints noise and location of worn bearings and bushings; noisy valves and lifters; broken, worn gear teeth; faulty fuel injectors, wind or air leaks; annoying squeaks and rattles for easy trouble shooting
  • Plugging in the conductive clamp, activates noise cancellation feature, allowing user to focus on vibration only
  • The unique Mini EngineEAR® allows the user to listen to sounds while vehicle is stationary or while vehicle is under load

One super sensitive clamp-on sensor is included in the kit with a 16ft. lead which can be attached to a spring; torque rod; shocks; body mounts; brakes; dash assembly; door hinges; drive train; rear or front axle; transmission; transfer case; suspension; sway bars; tie rod ends; struts; axle hubs; ring and pinion bearings; mufflers; catalytic converter; 02 sensor; A/T case; oil pump, or even an un-torqued bolt.
Conductive clamp has the added noise cancellation feature of the EngineEAR® Elite when the clamp is plugged into the control unit and runs one AA battery. A handy storage pouch is included along with Ear Bud Earphones.

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