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Solar (SOLPL3750)

6/12/24V 60/40/15/5/250A Pro-Logix Wheel Charger with Engine Start
List Price $897.45
Your Price $408.46
Item Number SOLPL3750
Mfg Solar
Part No PL3750
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In stock: Yes

Features and Benefits:

  • Features three operational modes: automatic charging, manual charging and engine start
  • Provides the ability to properly charge virtually any lead acid battery type: Conventional, AGM, Gel Cell, Spiral Wound, Marine and Deep Cycle batteries
  • Electronic controls and LCD display make it easy to set up each operation and to monitor charging progress, the charger provides extensive feedback regarding charging progress
  • Advanced multi-phase charging process delivers a proper, beneficial charge every time, improving battery health and restoring reserve capacity
  • Features a Soft Start Mode for severely depleted batteries and a Recondition Mode to rejuvenate distressed batteries

The charger incorporates a number of safety features to make charging safer for both the operator and the battery being charged, including Reverse Polarity Protection and Battery Fault Detection. Automatic mode charging delivers unsurpassed ease of use – simply choose your voltage, battery type and desired charge rate, and press CHARGE.  The charger does the rest and turns off when the battery has reached full charge. PRO-LOGIX Wheel Chargers provide versatile shop service and effective battery charging. It is the perfect charger to meet the needs of today’s busy service facility: intelligent, beneficial, safe and versatile – one charger does it all, from fast charging and battery repair to battery maintenance and boosting. Features 30A 24V charge rate.

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