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SEM Paints (SEM15011)

Color Coat - Landau Black Gallon
Color Coat - Landau Black Gallon
List Price $197.69
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Item Number SEM15011
Mfg SEM Paints
Part No 15011
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Color Coat - Landau Black Gallon

Features and Benefits:

  • Formulated to match, restore or change color on most vinyl surfaces, flexible and rigid plastics, carpet and velour
  • Fade resistant, flexible and is a permanent coating
  • Color Coat is not a dye

Other Available Colors:

  • SEM13023 Low Luster Clear Aerosol
  • SEM15003 Phantom White Aerosol
  • SEM15011 Landau Black Gallon
  • SEM15013 Landau Black Aerosol
  • SEM15023 Cordovan Brown Aerosol
  • SEM15033 Saddle Tan Aerosol
  • SEM15043 Shadow Blue Aerosol
  • SEM15053 Granite Aerosol
  • SEM15063 Burgundy Aerosol
  • SEM15083 Silver Aerosol
  • SEM15093 Light Buckskin Aerosol
  • SEM15103 Super White Aerosol
  • SEM15113 Firethorn Red Aerosol
  • SEM15123 Santa Fe Aerosol
  • SEM15133 Wedgewood Blue Aerosol
  • SEM15143 Sandstone Aerosol
  • SEM15163 Presidio Aerosol
  • SEM15173 Camel Aerosol
  • SEM15183 Warm Gray Aerosol
  • SEM15213 Blue Mist Aerosol
  • SEM15223 Castella Aerosol
  • SEM15233 Glass Black Aeroso
  • SEM15243 Satin Black Aerosol
  • SEM15253 Titanium Metallic Aerosol
  • SEM15273 Nap Red Aerosol
  • SEM15283 Pescadero Sand Aerosol
  • SEM15293 Tahoe Blue Metallic Aerosol
  • SEM15303 Graphite Aerosol
  • SEM15313 White Aerosol
  • SEM15323 Palomino Aerosol
  • SEM15353 Light Titanium Aerosol
  • SEM15363 Portola Red Aerosol
  • SEM15373 Flame Red Aerosol
  • SEM15393 Medium Gray Aerosol
  • SEM15413 Thomas Bud Gray Aerosol
  • SEM15423 Taupe Aerosol
  • SEM15433 Gloss Midnight Blue Aerosol
  • SEM15453 Gloss White Aerosol
  • SEM15463 Gloss Cabernet Aerosol
  • SEM15473 Thomas Green Aerosol
  • SEM15483 Bluebird Brown Aerosol
  • SEM15493 Bluebird Green Aerosol
  • SEM15541 Tinting White Gallon
  • SEM15603 Sailcloth White Aerosol
  • SEM15643 Pacific Blue Aerosol
  • SEM15703 Crystal Green Aerosol
  • SEM15713 Ladera Aerosol
  • SEM15723 Monterey Aerosol
  • SEM15753 Light Oak Aerosol
  • SEM15763 Storm Gray Aerosol
  • SEM15773 Regal Blue Aerosol
  • SEM15783 Dark Oak Aerosol

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