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Schley (SCH10950)

Honda Serpentine Belt Tensioner Tool
List Price $69.95
Your Price $55.26
Item Number SCH10950
Mfg Schley
Part No 10950
In stock: Yes

Features and Benefits:

  • Fits 2006 and later Civics also most Honda and Acura Serpentine belt tensioner
  • 6 point 19 mm end won't strip the aluminum hex on the belt tensioner
  • 14 mm end for extreme tight spaces like 2003 and later Element
  • Carefully calculated handle geometry to ease access on and off the tensioner
  • All vehicles access from the top, no need to lift vehicle from ground

This unique tool was designed to reach down through the engine compartment in areas not easily accessed with conventional tools. This tool has a specific “clock” angle of the 6 point 19 mm end with carefully calculated handle geometry enabling access to the hydraulic dampener tensioner. These hydraulic tensioner can be found on the 2006 and later Civic and many other Honda cars and trucks. This tool won’t strip the aluminum hex on these hydraulic tensioner. The thin 12 point 14 mm end of the tool, coupled with unique handle geometry gives access to the adjuster on the 2003 and later Honda Element also the Honda Fit with the right motor mount removed. This tool was not designed for hybrid vehicles.


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