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RTI Technologies (RTIBFX2)

Brake Flush System
Brake Flush System
List Price $7,158.00
Your Price $5,442.99
Item Number RTIBFX2
Mfg RTI Technologies
Part No BFX-2
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In stock: Yes
The new standard for brake flush servicefast, simple, automated, effective and profitable! A special push/pull process flushes the entire system and provides the highest quality service. The BFX-2 does the job right. Fast, Simple, and User-Friendly - Connect to the vehicle, then complete the fluid exchange in only 5-10 minutes! Reliable - RTI realizes the machine needs to work properly to maximize your productivity! Effective and Professional Profitable - Affordable and fast for a quick return on investment and excellent profit margins. Machine operation is as easy as 1-2-3! 1. Empty Master Cylinder: Press the Empty Master Cylinder switch, and insert the BFX-2 drain hose into the master cylinder. 2. Fill Master Cylinder: Press Fill Master Cylinder switch and squeeze wand trigger to fill master cylinder to specified operating level. 3. Flush Brake System: Attach master cylinder adapter and quick-fit bleeder hoses, open the bleeder fittings, press flush and desired bleeder sequence and walk away!

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