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BelAire Buyer's Guide

BelAire Buyer's Guide

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Robinair (ROB34788)

Cooltech R-134a Recover, Recycle, Recharge and Evacuate Unit
Robinair Cooltech 34788 R-134a AC Recover Recycle Recharge and Evacuate Unit
List Price $6,735.95
Your Price $3,589.00
Item Number ROB34788
Mfg Robinair
Part No 34788
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In stock: Yes

Features and Benefits

Combines simple operation with superior accuracy. The Cool-Tech 34788 recovers, recycles, evacuates, leak tests, and recharges R-134a quickly and accurately. Automatic operation means less attention is needed!

  • Complies With Newest Standard SAE J2210- which requires 95% refrigerant recovery - 20% more than the SAE J2210 standard (save inventory dollars)
  • Fully Automatic Function- lets you program unit push a button walk away, the Cool Tech 34788 will recover, vacuum, leak test, charge automatically. The unit also performs Automatic Air Purge and Automatic Oil Drain
  • Vacuum Only Functions and Vacuum Leak Test- allows for Pause to Repair and Repair Verification (no leaks)
  • Automatic Refrigerant Refill- never stop in the middle of a job to change refrigerant tanks, unit maintains user selectable amount of refrigerant in an internal vessel and signals when supply tank needs to be changed.
  • SD Card Slot for Updates and Future Use-Vehicle Database Software Option Available mid 2007 - Refrigerant and Oil Capacities by Year, Make, Model
  • Automatic Function — With this new option, you can program the unit to recover, vacuum, leak test, charge, and then walk away without having to operate panel valves.
  • Vacuum Leak Test — Will monitor the vacuum level after an evacuation, and inform the technician of a possible leak in the vehicle’s A/C system.
  • Automatic Refrigerant Refilll — With this latest advance, you never have to stop in the middle of a job to change refrigerant tanks. The unit maintains a user selectable amount of refrigerant in an internal vessel, and signals when it’s time to change the supply tank, so no monitoring is required.
  • Automatic Air Purge — Eliminates damaging air without any monitoring of gauges or opening of valves.
  • Automatic Oil Drain — The unit automatically drains system oil captured during recovery, and the display reminds you to empty the bottle. Graduations on the container clearly show you how much oil needs to be replaced.
  • Refrigerant Charging — Has never been this easy. Select a charge mode from either the high side, low side, or both. Accuracy features eliminate guesswork!
  • Refrigerant Management Systems—New and improved, system displays refrigerant use and monitors remaining filter life. Prompts appear when 1/3 of filter life remains.
  • Vacuum Function — Defaults to 15 minutes, but is programmable up to 99 minutes. Remaining vacuum time is displayed on the screen.
  • Voltage: 115V 60 Hz
  • Refrigerant Container On-board: 30 lb. (14 kg) vessel (source tank not included)
  • Operating Range: 50° to 120°F (11° to 49°C)
  • Recycling Filter-Drier: 43 cu. in. spin-on type
  • Pump Free Air Displacement: 3 cfm (142 L/min)
  • Dimensions: 44" H x 34" W x 23" D (127 cm x 86.4 cm x 58.4 cm)
  • Shipping Weight: 235 lbs. (106.6 kg)

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