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Robinair (ROB22791)

Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector
IR Refrigerant Leak Detector
List Price $524.95
Your Price $309.98
Item Number ROB22791
Mfg Robinair
Part No 22791
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In stock: Yes

Features and Benefits:

The latest advance in leak detection technology. Designed to find even the smallest A/C system leaks. The advanced infrared sensor is designed to last a minimum of 10 years, and is extremely sensitive helping you pinpoint the exact location of the leak.

  • Senses CFC, HFC, HCFC blend refrigerants and HFO-1234yf refrigerants.
  • Won't trigger on oil or moisture leading to false alarms. 
  • Automatically recalibrates in highly contaminated areas to help pinpoint the exact location of the leak.
  • Advanced Infrared sensor designed to last up to 10 years
  • Meets NEW SAE J2913 standard for 1234yf and previous SAE J2791 standard for 134A.
  • Three sensitivity levels down to 0.15 oz/yr.
  • Audible alert with mute button.
  • Visual alert and peak button make it easy to find leaks in noisy environments.
  • 8 hour lithium ion battery lasts all day long and beyond.
  • Includes:
    • Magnetic hanger to easily hang the unit during leak repair
    • Durable carrying case that holds the leak detector and accessories.
  • Specifications:
    • Gases measured: CFC, HFC, HCFC blends and HFO-1234yf
    • Sensing element: Infrared
    • Response time: 0.5 to 1 second
    • Sensitivity levels: HIGH - 0.15 oz/year and higher; MEDIUM - 0.25 oz/year and higher; LOW - 0.5 oz/year and higher
    • Accuracy: Meets SAE J2791 and J2913 standards
    • Calibration: Automatic
    • Warm up time: 30 seconds
    • Probe length: 15 inches
    • Battery type: 3.7VDC (nominal) rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    • Battery life: Approximately 8 hours when fully charged

Customer Support
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7:30am-4:00pm (cst)
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